Healing Arts

Those with emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities can greatly benefit from regular workshops in a safe and nurturing space for growth and personal expression. We work with organizations to develop workshops tailored to the specific needs of the individual who participates. Our workshops are designed to increase motor skills, strengthen memory and concentration, as well as develop confidence. Participants in our Healing Arts program make projects from their weavings such as scarves, pillows, bags and wall hangings. 

Cynthia Alberto has been leading Healing Arts workshops since Weaving Hand was founded in 2007. Sharing the benefits of weaving with those who need it most has been central to her career as a teacher and a leader in the Brooklyn arts community. Weaving Hand has a strong commitment to students at organizations like AHRC and League Center's LAND Gallery

If you work with a special needs population and would like to learn more about our Healing Arts Program, please contact us by phone or email.

*Please note, that our healing arts is not a cure for depression or other mental health disorders and it is always best to consult a mental health professional.



Intern with us.

We're looking for dynamic, fun loving artists to
work with.

We offer for credit internship opportunities to high-school, college, and graduate students interested in exploring the qualities of woven textiles and fiber arts. This is an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and stimulating weaving studio environment which values the art and tradition of weaving while adapting it to present fashion design and trends. Our internship program is tailored to fit the student's own work and artistic direction.  

Send us your resume or email us at info@weavinghand.com for more information.





Educational Tours & Workshops

We offer educational tours, workshops and lectures for organizations of all kinds including schools and non-profits.

Learn and experience an old craft as we talk about global weaving traditions, textiles, and sustainability. We can accommodate your workshop to any age group, curriculum or location. This is a great opportunity for team building.

Email us at info@weavinghand.com for more information.



Weaving Hand Memberships

We welcome creative individuals who are passionate about weaving & textile arts. Our community encourages beginners & provides collaborative opportunities for experienced weavers.

We're committed to fostering an inclusive artistic community, while introducing members to new techniques and ideas through workshops by professional artists and educators. Whether you're interested in learning traditional weaving techniques or exploring innovative ideas in contemporary fiber arts — we welcome you to our creative community! 



  • 10% off all classes and loom rentals

  • Open studio time on the first Saturday of each month: Weave on our looms, bring your own projects or develop new ones — and share your work with other artists.

  • Free admission to special events and lectures

  • Members may have the chance to exhibit their work in the Weaving Hand gallery space. The proceeds of any work sold will go entirely to the artist.

  • Lead your own workshop: We welcome proposals from members interested in becoming workshop instructors for new Weaving Hand classes.



Weaving Together

Weaving Together is a series of ongoing community-oriented weaving events started two years ago by Weaving Hand Founder and Director Cynthia Alberto.

Weaving Together events give community members a chance to celebrate their neighborhood through the process of weaving. Traveling to different neighborhoods, we invite people of all backgrounds and experience to join us for a day or weekend of weaving.  In an age where we are so connected virtually it is important to build community around something physical. We invite people to bring their own materials allowing the diversity of the materials to become a reflection of the community. 

We invite people to weave on our Dining Table Looms, designed and fabricated by Tyler Howorth specifically for Weaving Together.  The Dining Table Looms designed to encourage social interaction by accommodating 6 to 8 people imitating the feeling of sitting down to the dinner table. 

We have previously held Weaving Together events in Pioneer Works, The ACE Hotel, Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, The British International School and The Queens Museum of Art.