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  • 26 Bridge Street Brooklyn, NY

Lightfoot Market is an eco-friendly event that promotes businesses committed to environmental sustainability. Come visit us there! 

Filipino American Book Festival
11:00 am11:00

Filipino American Book Festival

  • Diversity Plaza

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Mia Alvar. Gina Apostol. Hossannah Asuncion. Carol Cabrera. Emmy Catedral. Kate Gavino. Paolo Javier. Ninotchka Rosca. Bino Realuyo. Lara Stapleton. Alex Tarampi.

Join us for a fun, interactive and family-friendly festival that centers the local and global Filipino voice through literature along with art making, story telling, music, dancing, and the spirit of community fiesta at Diversity Plaza on June 18th from 11am-5pm. 

Weave together with master weaver Cynthia Alberto, Founder & Director of Weaving Hand.

Learn about Indigenous Philippine textiles and patterns with artist and educator PJ Gubatina Policarpio.

Enjoy intergenerational Filipino stories and legends with artist and author Carol Cabrera.

Explore visual storytelling and illustrate your own comic with writer and illustrator Alex Tarampi.

Share your Queens story and create your own Queens banderitas with My Baryo, My Borough.

Engage with Filipino American issues trhough education and advocacy with Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro).

FREE and OPEN to the public! 

The Filipino American Book Festival in Jackson Heights, Queens, is a community-centered, multi-voiced, and intergenerational platform that celebrates the creation and presentation of Filipino/a narratives by writers, artists, and scholars across the diaspora.

This event is organized through the Queens Museum and our partners Weaving Hand, My Baryo, My Borough, Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro).

Funding support for activities at Diversity Plaza are provided by the NYC Department of Transportation’s One NYC Plaza Equity Program. Activities are coordinated by Queens Museum, NICE, Chaya, Bangladeshi memory project, Filipino American Book Festival . Special Thanks to DRUM and all workers and neighbors in Jackson Heights.

Building 92 Exhibition - "Weaving to Heal"
Aug 31

Building 92 Exhibition - "Weaving to Heal"

WWII Weaving Soldiers, circa 1940s.

WWII Weaving Soldiers, circa 1940s.

Opening: Saturday May 21st. Exhibition runs through June 30th.

Weaving to Heal highlights the success of weaving as a healing art for individuals living with physical and mental disabilities. Presented by Weaving Hand and Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this exhibition explores a shared history of healing arts. 

Occupational therapists have been using weaving as a form of therapy since the 1920’s due to the systematic and rhythmic nature of weaving. Over time weaving has proven to increase fine motor skills, memory, concentration, problem solving, and decision making abilities. It has social benefits as well as helping individuals to build self confidence. After World War One the Brooklyn Naval Hospital used weaving as a form of occupational therapy to help reintegrate veterans back into everyday life. 

Weaving Hand works with adults living with disabilities during weekly weaving sessions through long term partnerships with AHRC NYC, AHRC Middle and High School and LAND Gallery at League Treatment Center. The tapestry you see today was woven by students from both AHRC and League Treatment Center over a period of six months.